We had a call as a group and here we decided on a name for our company, Annie came up with the name ‘Vaux-Vamp’. The name is a shortand version of ‘Vauxhall Gardens Re-vamp’.

I then decided to set everyone the task of designing a logo, and I said that in 3 days we would all come back and decide on our favourite as a group.

When it came to designing my logo, first I decided to use a few different interesting/sleek fonts. My favourite logo when it came to just using these fonts was one called ‘Quakiez Display’ (seen middle left). I then used the idea of both words beginning with a ‘V’ and I made it so a large V worked as the begining of each word. The logo is seen middle right.

Next I took this logo and I used our chosen colour pallet to see how the logo looks when using each colour, here are the results:

My next idea was to alter the logo slightly, I wanted to add a nature element. Therefore I decided to add a vine running up the V, here is my final logo:

Studying L5 Graphic Communication at Birmingham City University.